Maureen Maher, Investigative Journalist

Ms. Maureen Maher
Award-Winning Investigative Journalist
for the CBS News Magazine, 48 Hours
Who Will Address the Topic

“The World I want for my Daughter...and Son.
Using Lessons from Our Time to Create a Better Future.”

On nearly all fronts, the events of the last 16-18 months have been turbulent. It started with an unexpected presidential election, moved into the #me too issue, and more recently, the ongoing scourge of mass school shootings.

Politics, immigration, harassment, equal rights... gun control. How do we speak to our children about these important topics if we as adults can hardly have a civil conversation with anyone other than like-minded people?

How do we teach our children and grandchildren to navigate this world that we have created for them? What lessons have we, as adults, learned along our way?

Maureen Maher will share life stories from her travels around the country and around the world. She is now using them to teach her children and (hopefully) others the importance of finding something in common with people, even and especially when you disagree.

For 25 years she has reported on National and International events, including the War on Terror and the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Most recently, Maureen Maher won an Edward R. Murrow Award and an Emmy Award for two investigations into International Adoption, one of which, helped to change Federal Laws.

She received honors for an investigation that helped to win the freedom of two wrongly incarcerated men, one of whom had been in jail for more than two decades. She also received honors for an investigation on Chicago Crime, including coverage of Hadiya Pendleton’s drive-by shooting death.