Kenneth Woodward

The First Friday Club Welcomes
Mr. Kenneth L. Woodward
Former Religion Editor, Newsweek Magazine
Who will address the Topic?

“Religion and American Politics: The Recent History of a Stormy Relationship”

We have been told to avoid two topics in our conversations: religion and politics. On April 6 th
our speaker, Ken Woodward, will address both of them!
One of the people most qualified to address this issue is Ken Woodward who for 38 years covered the topic of religion in America for Newsweek Magazine. And since then he has continue to speak on and write about the place and impact of religion in our country.

His most recent book is titled Getting Religion: Faith, Culture, and Politics from the Age of Eisenhower to the Era of Obama.

Ken Woodward’s intent during his First Friday Club presentation is to begin with an analysis of the present situation of Evangelicals in current American politics and then go back to JFK and move forward to a discussion of Religion and the GOP and Religion and the Democrats.
This should be very interesting!

Ken Woodward has authored over 750 articles for Newsweek, including nearly 100 cover
stories. He has been a news commentator on NBC, ABC and CBS. Among his numerous awards
are the National Magazine Award, the Pulitzer Prize of the magazine industry, and the Robert E.
Griffin Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Art of Writing from the University of Notre

Mr. Woodward grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, graduated from St. Ignatius High School there and
from the University of Notre Dame (1957). He and his wife, Elizabeth, have three children and
seven grandchildren.