A Message from our Chaplain


In my humble (!) opinion....there is nothing like it.

That's right! There is nothing like The First Friday Club.

There are a number of clubs, forums, groups and presentations that take place on a regular basis in the downtown area. Each one touts the importance of their programs and the high quality of the speakers. And they are right.

Some focus on religious issues, others on economic and business issues, and still others emphasize the political climate in our city and country.

But it is The First Friday Club that attempts on the first Friday of the month (October-May) to integrate our faith, our work, and the issues of the day. That has been the consistent goal of The First Friday Club since 1986. That is the goal again this season for our gatherings beginning on October 4th, at noon, at the Union League Club.

To be honest attendance is down. We have discovered that this is not unique to our organization. A number of clubs, groups and organizations are dealing with this phenomenon.

Here are some of the factors at work:

More people are retiring at an earlier age.

More people are working from home.

More people have a shorter work day on Friday.

More people are working through their lunch time in order to leave earlier.

More people are working harder and longer due to downsizing.

More people simply do not have time in the middle of the work day.

If any of these or other contemporary issues affect you, I am asking you to go the extra mile one Friday a month for 75 minutes to join us on the first Friday of the month for lunch and a lot more.

We begin on October 4th when Mayor Lori Lightfoot steps to the podium to share her story of becoming the 56 Mayor of Chicago.

Can I ask you to make every effort to join us?

As I mentioned above, the First Friday Club means a lot to me. I want to keep sharing the dream of this club with you. I know it is not as easy as it was a few years ago for you to attend.

My father gave me a piece of advice about life when I was a much younger man. He simply said, "Try hard."

Now it is my turn to use my dad's wisdom with you. Can you "try hard" to join us on the first Friday of the month from this October 4th through May 1, 2020?

I look forward to being with you.

Fr. John Cusick

First Friday Club of Chicago