The mission of the First Friday Club of Chicago is to provide a forum for men and women to make connections between work, faith, values and issues that affect their daily lives.



Rev. John Cusick founded the First Friday Club of Chicago after he returned from speaking at the First Friday Club of Cleveland.  Father Cusick continues his service as Club Chaplain.  A volunteer Board of Directors from all across the metropolitan area governs the FFCC.  Since 1986, the members and guests meet the first Friday from October to May.  Some of the finest speakers have shared the moral dilemmas and social obligations transcending their work and involvement in religion, business, education, government, media, health care and community life.

 - The First Friday Club began in 1986 with Joseph Cardinal Bernardin as the first speaker.

 - The club gathers 200 - 400 people monthly.

 - Over 50,000 people have attended a First Friday Club Luncheon.

 - The First Friday Club is not affiliated with any church, religion or any other organization.

 - The First Friday Club is not a business lunch, but a lunch for business and other interested people.

 - The past speakers' list resembles a "who's who" of leaders in business, media, religion, government, education, health care, and the arts.

 - The club operates thanks to its dues paying members.  It is through the support of these loyal attendees and supporters that the club continues to thrive.  The amount charged lunch only covers the cost of the lunch.

- A variety of membership levels exist.