Justice Anne Burke - Commemorating 50 Years of the Special Olympics

The First Friday Club of Chicago


The Honorable Anne M. Burke

Illinois Supreme Court Justice and

Founder of the Special Olympics

Who will address the Topic

Commemorating 50 Years of the Special Olympics
Is It Possible for One Person to Change the World?

And the answer to that question is: Yes, it is. Yes, she did. But did she ever think that was possible on July 20, 1968, when she was a 23 year-old special education instructor with the Chicago Park District, and lead a group of special needs athletes into Soldier Field? Probably not. But what Anne McGlone began at age 28 has changed the world.

Justice Anne Burke has seen her dream become incarnate around the world. On July 25, 2015 she witnessed over 7000 Special Olympians march into the Los Angeles Coliseum. They represented over 177 countries. Amazing!

Justice Burke's dream has always been more profound than an opportunity for these special Olympians to engage in sports and recreational activity. She began a movement to move a large segment of our society from darkness of social unacceptability into the full light of citizenship in our country and our society.

Justice Anne Burke said it best. "We're always talking about disabilities. Everybody has challenges no matter who they are. If you treat people with respect and give them an opportunity no matter what their challenge is, great things can happen."

Please join us at Noon on October 6th when Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke speaks to us about a dream she had that has lead our fellow human beings from Soldier Field through the gates of the Los Angeles Coliseum into the fullness of light as Sons and Daughters of God. And that is who we all are.