Patrick Magoon - President and CEO of Lurie Children's Hospital

The First Friday Club of Chicago


Mr. Patrick M. Magoon

President and CEO, Ann & Robert Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Who will address the topic

Our Children, our future - protecting their health and well-being Health Care has been a major topic of political and social conversation for the past eight months as well as a recurring theme in our country for almost eight years.

However, as important as health care coverage, insurance plans, government support, and percent of payment is, something is getting lost; namely, the day-to-day health care being administered to people of all ages and levels of physical and mental health.

As you read this, health care professionals and institutions are caring for the sick, the vulnerable, the needy of all ages, no matter who they are.

Mr. Patrick Magoon, who for the past 40 years, has committed his entire professional career to the health and well-being of children will be our speaker. Mr. Magoon has been President and CEO of Lurie Children's Hospital and its predecessor, Children's Memorial Hospital, since 1997.

Please join us at Noon, on Nov. 3rd, as we step away from the political banter of health care and focus on actual health care. Children don't vote. They don't give voice to a political opinion. They are innocent. They are vulnerable. And for those children at Lurie Children's Hospital they are sick. What do we, as a society, owe these children? They might not be our children, but they are our future.