Mark McGreevy - Homelessness Advocate and Group CEO of Depaul INternational

On the first Friday in February we are dealing with the issue of Homelessness. We want to get beyond the stereotype and, look deeply and honestly at this growing sad cultural issue that surrounds all of us. Too many social issues have become the victims of dishonest and unfair stereotypes. 

Yes. There are homeless people who beg on many of the street corners in downtown Chicago.

But did you know there are college students in the Chicago area who return to homeless shelters each night? Yes, there are.

There are also many homeless people who hold jobs and work every day, but cannot make enough money to rent a place to live for themselves and their children. So they travel night after night from town to town with their children, to the humiliation of a shelter - trying to get back on their financial feet.

This is occurring during these cold winter nights throughout the city and even in many of the best Chicago suburbs. 

Our February speaker, Mark McGreevy, made a commitment 27 years ago in London to bring an end to homelessness. That has led to 100 projects in 6 countries supporting over 23,000 people. We have much to learn about this issue that surrounds us all.