Fr. William Moriarity: "Living the Festival of Light"

On Friday, December 2, 2016
At Noon
At the Union League Club
The First Friday Club of Chicago
Father William Moriarity
Associate Pastor, Holy Name Cathedral
Chaplain Extraordinaire, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Who will address the topic
"Living the Festival of Light
Yes. Light is Stronger Than Dark"

December is the month that plunges the Northern Hemisphere into the deepest darkness of the year. Less and less natural light occurs until several days before the great feast of the Return of the Sun/Son, Christmas.

Judaism and Christianity both celebrate Festivals of Light in December: Hanukkah and Advent/Christmas. These festivals of light, one candle more a night for eight nights, one candle a week for four weeks, are true metaphors for the spiritual Faith that firmly believes that the Light of the World conquers any and all darkness that life throws at us.

The personification of that element of Faith is Fr. Bill Moriarity. For the past 50 years Fr. Moriarity's priesthood has offered life, healing, light, and hope in some of the darkest moments people have ever experienced. In this Season of Light, in the midst of darkness, the First Friday Club invites Father Moriarity to share some of his powerful experiences of bringing light in people's lives through his ministry as priest, pastor, and as chaplain to the sick and suffering at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. His inspiration will be a call to all of us to "go and do the same.”